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About us

Hunan Yide Chemical Co., Ltd. is the famous manufacturer of high effective flocculant of polyferric sulphate, ferric sulphate in Southern China. We produce 100000 tons liquid per year liquid, 30000 tons solid per year., Yide Brand series of products have excellent quality, excellent performance, leading in the industry.

Our company has technical staffs more than 20 people, including senior technical staffs 11 people. The technical team has nearly twenty years experience of research and development and produce polymeric ferric sulfate, ferric sulfate, our technical team has rich experience and good ability of scene debugging to various types of sewage treatment. We can provide targeted technical guidance and, improve the water treatment effect, improve the comprehensive benefit for customers.



The full set of devices of our company are made with high standard of stainless steel, effectively eliminate the various adverse effects caused by corrosion of produce process of ferric sulphate, so as to ensure the purity of the product ferric sulphate. Use ferrous sulfate by-product of titanium dioxide as raw materials, compare with polyaluminum chloride using bauxite as the raw material, the raw material of ferric sulphate is more pure, insoluble content is lower 20% than national standard request content. Through aunique heavy metal trapping process, heavy metal content of our ferric sulphate is lower 50% than the request content of GB14591-2006. Our ferric sulphate has not strong corrosive chlorine ion ,and has not cancerigenic nitrite,all indexs are full compliance with health standards for drinking water treatment agent.And our ferric sulphate meets the international standard of NSF and AWWA B 406-97.The quality and brand of our ferric sulphate is famous in China and in the world.

Ferric sulphate of Hunan Yide Chemical Co., Ltd. has high Fe3+ content, it is very easy to be dissolved in water ,the insoluble substance is very low, it has strong removal capacity for turbidity, COD, BOD, SS, heavy metal and etc, has good decolorizing effect, strong flocculation capability, according to different quality water requirements, we can adjust formula in order to satisfy the customers’ special requirement,and customers use our ferric sulphate more conveniently, lower cost.

At the same time, according to the different requirements of customers, Hunan Yide Chemical Co., Ltd. has successfully developed granular ferric sulfate, ferric sulfate catalyst, food grade polyferric Sulphate ,special for coking wastewater flocculant,special for paper wastewater flocculant,special for breeding grade flocculant,special for city sewage sludge dewatering flocculant ,special for printing and dyeing wastewater flocculant, ferric and aluminum composite flocculant series products and so on.

Plant is located in good place, only 20 km away from Hengyang City, 22km from Hengdong County, 20 km from HengYang East high-speed Railway Station, the Beijing Zhuhai (G4), Heng Shao((S80), Quan Nan (G72) highway and S315 intersect here, Xiangjiang kiloton ship can reach Shanghai, Beijing Guangzhou railway, Wu Guang high-speed railway set up station for passengers and cargos. Among them,the export of high speed way of Jingzhu,HengShao from the company is only 2-3km, the traffic is very convenient.

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